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Post  myQueen Mon Mar 23, 2009 6:03 pm

myQueen wrote:Rules.

No flaming, harassing, abusive language, swearing or abbreviations of such words, personal attacks, racial attacks, religious attacks, ethnic attacks, or sexual related insults and slang. This includes linking to sources outside that content such content.
* *Flaming is considered attacking another users or users in a vulgar, harsh or with the use of personal attacks.
* *Personal attacks like such are not tolerated
** EX: “You are stupid and a complete xxxxx, please stop being a [censored]”

Any attacks against the forum moderators will not be allowed. If you disagree with an action taken on the forums by a moderator, you can send a complaint to Administrators .

Any attempt to circumvent the forum bad word filter will not be tolerated including posting avatars, forum names or signatures that contain a word that is censored by the bad word filter. Modification of words or the use of abbreviations is considered a suspend able offense.

Any thread we feel is trying to find some loophole to get away with disobeying the rules of the forums, in fact or in spirit, will be removed.

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